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[FREE] Secret Power of Tantrik Breathing : Techniq

Swami Sivapriyananda,: Secret Power of Tantrik Breathing : Techniques for Attaining Health, Harmony, and Liberation

Secret Power of Tantrik Breathing : Techniques for Attaining Health, Harmony, and Liberation


Explores the secrets and benefits of alternate nostril breathing practices Includes breathing techniques to help overcome infertility, bad luck, and illnesses Explains the interactions of the vital energy of breath with the chakras and energy channels ("nadis") There is an intimate relationship between breathing and our emotional states. When we are nervous or excited, our breath rate increases. Conversely, if we alter our rate of breathing, we can alter our emotional state. The ancient civilization of India developed methods for changing the emotions and states of consciousness through yogic meditation and pranayama (breath control). "Secret Power of Tantrik Breathing" teaches the advanced pranayama system of "svaraodaya," which is based on the fact that we normally breathe freely through only one nostril at a time. In a healthy person, breathing changes roughly every one and a half hours from one nostril to the other, with each nostril imparting different qualities to one s mental and physical state. The left nostril is cool, soothing, passive, and feminine in nature; the right is warm, energizing, active, and masculine. When the breath remains in one nostril for longer than normal, mental and physical illness can result. The goal of "svaraodaya" is to harmonize the breath from each nostril with the life task needing to be accomplished. This book explains how to practice this breath control and how the vital energy of breath interacts with the chakras and energy channels ("nadis") to create overall balance and harmony. It also includes "svaraodaya" breathing techniques to help overcome illnesses, infertility, and bad luck; make predictions; and attain liberation from the cycle of rebirth."

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Author: Swami Sivapriyananda,
Number of Pages: 152 pages
Published Date: 30 Jun 2009
Publisher: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Publication Country: Rochester, VT, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781594772894
Download Link: Click Here

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